Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring Formal and HELP!

Ermegersh! I just realized I never posted pictures from my co-op's Spring Formal. This must be remedied ASAP! Especially since *prom* is next Friday (EEP!), and I'll want to post those pictures then, too...

Actually, speaking of prom, I would like some input. Which dress should I wear next week to prom? Here are my options:

The one on the left was the dress I wore to spring formal, and the one on the right is the dress my sister wore. As much as I adore my red dress, I wonder if I should wear the same dress twice?? Hmm... Any thoughts?

Anyway, as far as the actual Spring Formal goes, well... it was a fantastic night!

We started off with pictures outside. It was freezing cold. Our smiles were slightllllyyyy fake in these pictures, but we were still all so excited we could hardly stand it, haha.

We clean up good. ;)

Once we got inside the limo, the fun began. It was my first time ever riding in a limo and let me say... those things are awesome. We were also provided with sparkling juice which I may or may not have guzzled down... haha I am a HUGE fan of sparkling juice. It is probably my most favorite drink eva!! So I really enjoyed that part. :)

In THE LIMO! So, so much fun. :D

This is my very lovely friend, Heather, and I. :) I love her dress color... so royal!

"My brother" (Josh) and "chico" (Joel) enjoying the sparkling juice. ;) 

Enjoying the limo... I love their facial expressions. ;)

Heather and Janelle... these girls are so fun!

Joel's sister, Meghan, and my sister, Hannah. Both very beautiful girls in every way! :)

Did I mention I love my sister??? <3 i="">

In the limo, we listened to music, and "Don't You Worry Child" came on by Swedish House Mafia. I had never heard that song, but I love it now... It reminds me of Spring Formal.

The limo took us to a super fancy steak house restaurant. Hannah and I split a steak, and Josh made me try some crab stuffed mushrooms. Why I actually put those things in my mouth I have no idea because I don't eat crab, or any seafood for that matter. They were interesting to say the least... The boys were literally drooling over their steaks. I think that must be a guy thing because Hannah and I were like, "Eh." I mean, it was good steak, but I have never seen someone act the way those boys acted with their steaks. lol
The restaurant :)

This picture was also taken at the restaurant. Hannah and Evalee somehow managed to get the same dress, even though Hannah got hers from Goodwill and Evalee got hers from Plato's Closet! No idea how that happened, but it was pretty funny when they first saw each other. It's extra funny because they both had their hair done so similarly, too! None of this was planned, and no, she's not related to us, even though they look like twins. ;)

Me 'n' Josh... 
That boy showed some seriously good skills when it came to being a classy, gentlemanly individual. Plus, he can pull off a bowtie like nobody's business... ;)

After our dinner, we rode in the limo to a theater to see "Mary Poppins". It was a travelling broadway show, and pretty darn good. :) Then it was time for a few last minute pictures before heading home. 


One of my favorite guys ever... I love Joel! 
He is such a sweetheart and so fun to be around. :)

Momma came along as a chaperone, and 
had a great evening hanging out with the other parents there... :)
(and we all had a fun time before the formal getting ready together,
 and then talking all about it after. :) )


This evening was literally one of the best of my life. I can truly say I am so thankful I was able to spend my senior year with these people. There have been ups and downs, but it's only made us bond even tighter. I'm gonna be so sad when I graduate, but I know we'll be friends forever! We'll be having a graduation ceremony together, as well, so I'm very excited about that. :)

(By the way, in case anyone is trying to find a good coverup for a strapless dress, we got ours HERE. I'm just adding that because we looked everywhere for one! A lot of places have really weird designs or none at all, so we were thrilled when we found these... and they are only $15.00)



  1. You are simple gorgeous girl~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!! B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L.....And I love your dresses. So cute:) Hmmmm....not sure what dress you should where for prom...They are both so cute. I really like the red one though.

    Hoping your day is filed with the love of Jesus!

  2. You and Hans looked gorgeous!!!!! I lovelovelove your girlies' dresses - soo pretty and modest! :) I also love how you two did your hair.


    1. p.s.

      i think you should wear hannah's dress, for something different. :) but like i told you in the email, you'd look amazing in whichever one you choose!!! :D

      love youuu!!!! <3