Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Vintage Bug!

You guys, I've been bitten by the vintage bug.

As my co-op group's production of "You Can't Take It With You" draws nearer, I've been more and more obsessed with the late 1930's and early 1940's. I've found some pretty fantastic stuff I want to share with you all on this time period. It's a ton of fun!

First of all, my good friends Josh and Joel (who play my love interest Tony, and a russian dance instructor named "Kolenkhov", respectively) have been teaching me, my sister, and some other friends of ours how to swing dance for the show. It is awesome!

We took this video the day after we learned our first aerials, so they aren't very good... we've really improved a LOT. But at any rate, here's a short clip of some of what we're doing:

It was *terrifying* the first dozen or so times we did it. Just absolutely terrifying. But it is so fun, and extremely addicting! Once you do it a few times and get it down smooth, you want to do it forever! I just like to give props to the boys though... Those lifts are *hard* and require a ton of strength... I tried one with my 9 year old sister (who you see at the very end of the video) and ya... I couldn't do it really at all. So I'm impressed. :D

You may be wondering how we learned how to do this stuff... One word. Youtube. Amazingly, there are a plethora of swing dance and swing aerial tutorials on youtube. You just have to be careful and go slow until you learn it perfectly so you don't hurt yourself by not doing the correct positions at the correct times.

I have also been listening to tons of vintage music. I'm basically obsessed with Vera Lynn, Glen Miller and his orchestra, Frank Sinatra, and Michael Buble who isn't vintage, but who has that honey-voice that kills me every time I hear it. *sighhhhh.* I also LOVE the "IHeartRadio" app I downloaded on my iphone... (listen online here) It's kinda like Pandora in the sense that you can type in one song and it plays you a radio station based on that song. I've been listening to my Sinatra station non-stop!

So, today I was so proud of myself... I finally, FINALLY! discovered how to do my hair all vintage-y 1940's! Ahh! I was so excited I took about a million pictures. :D

You've probably all seen this look from the 40's (which is apparently called a "U Roll"):

Well, you guys... I tried it... and this is what happened:

This... this was a proud moment for me. I have been trying to do this for literally *years*, and I finally found success thanks to the youtube video uploaded by CherryDollFace (watch it here) and thanks to a little thingy I made out of an old nylon and some cotton batting that looked like this:

Except, as I stated... mine was a nylon. filled with stuffing. and tied at the end. 
It looks weird and kind of freaks me out which is why I didn't take a picture, but you guys... it works. Sadly, I found out this idea is not original to me... but I still think I'm a genius for thinking of it anyway. ;) I knew this hairstyle would never work unless I had something to stuff in there though, because I have basically no hair... seriously, my hair is so thin, I have to pull all sorts of crazy stunts just to make it look normal! But this just so happened to do the trick. I used plenty of hairspray, and it stayed perfectly all day. 

I love, love, love it! Eep! (Do you like my vintage-y modeling pictures? I told you I took a million.... lol)

I've also been working on costumes... and boy, that has been fun! But I'm going to wait to post about that... ;)



  1. Goodness - that looks SO scary ( but fun ;)
    Great hairdo as well!

  2. Allie,

    when is the play?!!?!?? Cuz I really really really really wanna come watch you guys!!! And wow that swing dancing looks soooooo scary, but lots of fun! You and Hans look awesome! :)


  3. p.s.

    your hair looks awesome! i totally could NEVER pull off that type of hairstyle! lol


    josh and joel are amazing! wow. they lifted you guys like it was nothing!!!! hahhaa soo can't wait to see you guys in action at the play if i can come!! :) <3